Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

E. WAYNE ASKEW, PhD portrait
  • Professor Emeritus, Nutrition, University of Utah
  • Professor, Division of Nutrition, Nutrition, University of Utah


Current Courses

Summer 2014

  • NUTR 3850-001 Selected Topics
  • NUTR 5850-001 Selected Topics (Student Feedback)
  • NUTR 5930-001 Diet Supp Internship
  • NUTR 6900-001 Directed Nutr Research
  • NUTR 6900-003 Directed Nutr Research
  • NUTR 6910-001 Field Experience
  • NUTR 6910-003 Field Experience
  • NUTR 6970-001 Thesis Research-Masters

Teaching Philosophy

I emphasize critical thinking. I use exams as a learning opportunity for students. I emphasize that the study of nutrition is constantly changing  because our understanding of the interacting disciplines and human physiology is constantly changing. A sound biological sciences base and an appreciation for interdisciplinary study will go a long way to laying the foundation for a career in Nutritional sciences.

Courses I Teach